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Royals of Solana

Prince of Solana


“A steamy, action packed adventure, featuring a royal on the run and an alpha heroine too hot to handle!”

Love is a gamble. So is surviving.

Prince of Solana spins the royal fairytale on its heel, in an exotic tropical paradise with a dark and twisted villain, as epic as the royal family themselves.

An irresistible white knight story with plenty of danger, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat action. And as hot & steamy as the South Pacific!

Exiled for the past eight years with only gambling and liquor for comfort, Prince André of Solana spends his days drowning in regret. Only when the Lozano cartel assassinates his father and brother, duty to his island country trumps his fear and guilt. Forced out and found by assassins, his trusted bodyguard hides him in the one place where no one would think to look: a Texas cattle ranch.

There he meets Gemma Westfall, a trigger-happy ranch hand with a distrust for liars and gamblers. The two immediately butt heads, but underneath the embers of quarrel smolders a raging attraction. The unlikely chemistry between the celebrity royal and the rough and rowdy cowgirl is hotter than the Texas heat.

When Gemma's home is destroyed and André's identity exposed, a fiery vengeance is unleashed. As André fights to save his people and find his sister, Gemma's revenge sets them on a course to wade into dangerous waters.


Jewel of Solana

A royal princess, stunning Pacific sunsets, and priceless jewels…
With the palace a vicious warzone–smoke and fire billowing behind her.
With the royal bloodline at stake, Princess Alanna is their last hope.

But first, to survive the night.


Courage is in her blood. And she won't surrender without a fight.

Join the action and adventure traversing the steamy South Pacific in this unforgettable royal saga, Jewel of Solana. Ideal for hopeless romantics who desire tropical escapes and deliciously happy endings!

Princess Alanna Peralta of Solana is lucky to escape with her life after the Lozano cartel assassinates her father, the king. She flees aboard a yacht with only one possession: the priceless Luna de Azul, a necklace symbolic of her family's legacy.

In the refuge of the sea, she meets yacht engineer, Gabriel Flynn. Flynn is ex-Navy and takes solace in isolation, but something the beautiful woman intrigues him. He finds himself striving to reach the U.S. Consulate and ensure Alanna's safety, but the journey turns perilous when the couple realize just how far the cartel's power stretches.

As danger closes in, Alanna is torn between sacrifices: her life, her family's legacy, or her heart.



Crown of Solana


One ascends. One falls.
The royal prince and princess have returned to Solana.
Who will inherit the throne?
If the throne still exists at all…

Crown of Solana is the conclusion of the royal epic saga. Full of danger, adventure, and romance that will melt the sugary beaches in tropical paradise.

André and Alanna, royal siblings of Solana, struggle to rebuild their country after the siege on their tiny island country in the South Pacific. Who will wear the Crown, with no precedent to guide them and the weight of the throne heavier than ever? The Lozano cartel's thirst for blood is far from quenched, and seeking foreign assistance in a land of foes is risky business.

Enemies surround the royals, but the glimmer of hope for André dissolves when Gemma refuses his love. Caught in a web of vengeance and pain, Gemma clutches onto a sole purpose: seeking justice over a loved one's death. Chaos awaits her as she lures the assassin from hiding, and nowhere is safe.

Meanwhile, the Peraltas fight to save their country and their people. Gabriel struggles to find his place at Alanna’s side in a foreign culture and grand palace away from the sea life he loves. André discovers the truth about his exile all those years ago, and forgiving the past feels impossible. Clinging to the only love of his life is like holding onto tattered sails in a hurricane.


Royal Wedding

The eyes of the world are fixed on the opulent fairytale wedding unfolding in tropical paradise.
If they only knew what it took for the Royals of Solana to reach Happily Ever After.
The weight on their shoulders has never been greater, the stakes never higher…

One year later and still rebuilding, the royal castle is alive and full of love. Paparazzi follow André and Gemma day and night, each vying to discover the official date of the royal wedding, and unveil juicy scandals--even if they have to cook them up. Gemma struggles to adjust to royal life, worsened by her fear of commitment, only to find the real threat lies behind a mask of deceit within their very walls.

Planning their own vows, Alanna and Flynn fight the mounting pressure of royal responsibility. He struggles to find his place beside her, troubled in a world unknown and desperately missing the sea, as Alanna tiptoes on eggshells, her every detail scrutinized by government protocol. With a love so fresh and delicate, balancing expectations and romance is no easy feat.

Happily Ever After is on the edge of disaster.



Prince of Solana
Jewel of Solana
Crown of Solana
Royal Wedding
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