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Royals of Solana

Jewel of Solana

A royal princess, stunning Pacific sunsets, and priceless jewels…

With the palace a vicious warzone–smoke and fire billowing behind her.

With the royal bloodline at stake, Princess Alanna is their last hope.

But first, to survive the night.

Join the action and adventure traversing the steamy South Pacific in this unforgettable royal saga, Jewel of Solana.

Ideal for hopeless romantics who desire tropical escapes and deliciously happy endings!

Princess Alanna Peralta escapes a brutal attack on her island home after a vicious cartel assassinates her family. To save the royal bloodline and family legacy—the priceless necklace Luna de Azul—she conceals her identity. Boarding a yacht, she lands in the arms of a brazenly handsome engineer, who might be her guardian angel—or a greedy demon in disguise.

Gabriel Flynn can’t look anyone in the eye. A childhood quirk made it unbearable to be around anyone. Until an obsidian-haired beauty begs for help. She is clearly not as she seems, and Flynn doubts her story…and intentions.

With danger at every turn, Alanna and Flynn discover the limitless reach of the cartel’s power. Flynn must decide how much he trusts her. As danger closes in, Alanna is torn between sacrifices—her life, family legacy, and country or… her heart.




“A steamy, action packed adventure, featuring a royal on the run and an alpha heroine too hot to handle!”

Prince of Solana spins the royal fairytale on its heel, in an exotic tropical paradise with a dark and twisted villain, as epic as the royal family themselves.

An irresistible white knight story with plenty of danger, adventure, and edge-of-your-seat action. And as hot & steamy as the South Pacific!

Prince Andre Peralta of Solana spent the last eight years drowning himself in liquor and gambling in casinos.

When Andre’s father is assassinated by the Lozano cartel, duty to his tiny island country in the South Pacific trumps his fear and guilt. Being next on the hit list, forces Andre to hide on a remote Texas cattle ranch. There he meets strong-willed Gemma Westfall, a fascinating and trigger-happy ranch hand who pushes the limits of his self-control.

Gemma has no patience for liars and gamblers, and something about this visitor crawls up her spine. His penetrating gaze heats up her core, reigniting a dark passion and a history she’d buried long ago.

When the assassins find Andre and destroy Gemma’s home, vengeance guides both of them into dangerous waters.



Prince of Solana


One ascends. One falls.

The royal prince and princess have returned to Solana.

Who will inherit the throne?

If the throne still exists at all…

Crown of Solana is the conclusion of the royal epic saga. Full of danger, adventure, and romance that will melt the sugary beaches in tropical paradise.

Following the brutal siege on their island country of Solana, Prince Andre and his sister, Princess Alanna face the monumental struggles of rebuilding their country. With the line of ascension unclear between the two remaining royals, the country is divided between who should inherit the throne.

From all corners of the world, eager enemies surround the Royal Family. Defending the security of their countrymen grows harder still when the monarchy is threatened with dissolution, compromising the very identity of their culture.

When Gemma refuses Prince Andre’s love because of her obsession with vengeance, the struggles of saving his country seem insurmountable. He resorts to old demons to cope, only to find they no longer mask his pain.

Meanwhile, Princess Alanna relies on Flynn’s strong and solid demeanor to support her in her country’s tumultuous upheaval. But her savior isn’t accustomed to being army-candy without a real purpose.

Despite the promises of love and a future in tropical paradise, royal life isn’t as happily-ever-after as fairy tales depict. Especially not when scandals plague the palace amid diplomatic chaos.

When old enemies charge into the breach, the royals stand to lose more than their crown and legacy.


Crown of Solana

Royal Wedding

The eyes of the world are fixed on the opulent fairytale wedding unfolding in tropical paradise.

If they only knew what it took for the Royals of Solana to reach Happily Ever After.

The weight on their shoulders has never been greater, the stakes never higher…

One year after reclaiming the throne of Solana, the island is still healing and rebuilding. Relentless paparazzi plague the royal family.

Limelight follows André and Gemma to every corner of the island, shining an invasive light on their blinding passion. With a rock on her finger for nearly a year, André fears she won’t ever agree to a nuptial date. Her fear of commitment rules much of their relationship until they discover an unlikely betrayal from within the palace.

Alanna and Flynn face the pressures of royal responsibility. He struggles to find his place by his queen’s side. Along with the obligation of producing an heir to the throne, he’s forced to face his own insecurities regarding personal childhood challenges.

The weight on Alanna’s shoulders has never been greater, and the eyes of the world are watching. Every detail of her life is dictated by governmental protocol.

Finding the privacy they need to rekindle the spark seems as difficult as navigating the turbulent waters of a royal wedding.

Happily Ever After is on the edge of disaster.